"Big Cosmetic" is killing you slowly.

"Chemical creams" and "lying lotions" are not your friends.

They are stealing your sex drive and stomping on your serotonin.

It's time for something different.

It's time you knew the truth about the cosmetics that you "eat" through your skin.

And it's time for a better option...an option that makes your life better instead of worse...

It's time for ingredients so clean and natural you can literally eat them.

Cause here's the thing:

The skin is our body's biggest organ... and we become what we absorb.

So what do you want to become?


The Tallowed Truth

Animal-Based Cosmetics That Fuel Free, Healthy & Happy Humans

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The Renaissance of Skin Care Has Just Begun...

We're putting the cow back into cosmetics.

Experience insane skin improvements with the world's most powerful cosmetic:


What is tallow??

Tallow is a purified fat made from melted down (rendered) cow fat or suet.

Once rendered the fat becomes shelf-stable while maintaining the rich profile of nutrients and vitamins from the original animal source.

The fatty acids in tallow are very similar to those in human skin, allowing for easy absorption of all the nutrients in the tallow.

The result is an almost shocking healing and restorative process that results in firmer, and softer skin while creating an
attractive yet subtle "glow."

Our first product...

We wanted to make a splash in the skin care world... so that's exactly what we did...introducing:


F-Balm is a tallow-based body balm that is both cosmetic and therapeutic. From aging to acne, F-Balm will restore the youth and beauty of your skin.

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"Made from fat and freedom," F-Balm is an elixir of simple yet powerful ingredients that get your skin glowing and your spirit pumping.

Feel better instead of worse with a traditional moisturizer that supports your values and your health.

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**Some Cows Were Killed for the Production of These Products**

But they were happy to give their lives for the cause...

We are a Canadian company & source from Canadian Farmers