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F-Balm (Anti-aging Tallow Balm) 2 oz. Tin

F-Balm (Anti-aging Tallow Balm) 2 oz. Tin

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  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee!
  • Grass Fed, Grass Finished Tallow
  • FREE 2-7 Day SHIPPING Over $50
  • GMO FREE Tallow
  • No Hormones/Antibiotics/Vaccines
  • Shelf Stable Over 12 Months
  • Sourced & made in Canada
  • Pro Freedom!
  • Triple Purifed Tallow

F-Balm is an "all-in-one" grass-fed tallow balm that can help, heal and soothe almost ANY skin issue from shaving burn to psoriasis to sensitive skin.

It contains ZERO toxins, phthalates, microplastics or chemicals you can't pronounce...

Made from 5 "edible" ingredients that are proven to heal and rejuvenate human skin, F-Balm gives you results almost as soon as you start using it.

Eliminate all the downsides of "big beauty" while embracing all the benefits of truly nourished skin.

This is the highly effective   "Non-Woke, Non-Vegan" Skin Care You've Been Searching for...

Want to feel better in your own skin and start getting compliments on a daily basis all while fighting the woke agenda pushed by the big beauty industry?

Then stop using skincare that attacks your body and undermines your beliefs.

Cause here's the thing:

There is a good chance your skin is reacting to the chemicals used by "big cosmetic".

Causing irritation... inflammation... and other unknown illness...

Not to mention unwanted "redness" and "rashes'" (yikes). 

But it doesn't have to be that way...

F-Balm is a unique combination of ‚Äúedible‚ÄĚ ingredients that nourish and rejuvenate your skin without lowering your libido and stomping on your serotonin.¬†

We use grass-fed, grass-finished, Alberta Tallow in this life-changing body balm:

The main ingredient in F-Balm is beef tallow (aka cow fat).

Tallow is the "OG" cosmetic that has been used for thousands of years to soothe, heal and revitalize human skin.

With a PH level that is very close to human skin and a rich vitamin profile, tallow can heal and restore almost any skin irritation or issue.

The mineral properties and rich vitamin profile in tallow  (vitamins A, D, E and K) can heal your skin with only a few applications...

Tallow is perhaps the best-kept secret to having the best-kept skin (and it has worked for thousands of years).

How do you use this stuff?

F-Balm Applications:

  • Apply daily to the face and extremities for a powerful antiaging and revitalizing effect.
  • Apply as needed to dry lips or dry skin for healing and rejuvenation¬†
  • Apply to sensitive skin after shaving or washing to prevent dehydration
  • Apply to sore feet before bed for¬† soothing and softening¬†
  • Appy to any burns, irritation or chafing as needed until you feel relief (it won't take very long)

Crafted from locally sourced grass-fed tallow along with a handful of other "edible" ingredients,  F-Balm can be used for dry skin, dry lips or any irritation/inflammation of the skin that is causing discomfort.

F-Balm Ingredients:

  • Freedom
  • Grass-fed- grass-finished,¬†Alberta Tallow¬† (heals and restores skin)
  • Organic Olive Oil¬† (a natural moisturizer)
  • Ontario Beeswax¬† (natural aromatic and skin protector)
  • Ontario Honey¬† (heals and "glows up" skin)
  • Frankincense Essential Oil¬† (Calming effect when applied to the skin)

Worried about putting fat on your face?? Don't be. The right kind of fat on your face doesn't cause pimples it helps heal them!

Check this out:

But this is more than just another skincare product...

F-Balm was born from our mission to promote human freedom and healthy fats while fighting back against big pharma and all the propaganda and "profit first" products that come with it.

If you've had enough of the "plant bases" and the "safe spaces" then this is for you.

But does it smell like beef???

No. F-Balm has a soft and subtle and slightly sweet smell with hints of honey...beeswax and frankincense…

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