Got questions?? We Got Answers!

Here's the truth, the tallowed truth, and nothing but the truth:

Why is your brand so aweseome??

The simple answer is because the truth will set you free. And our brand is rooted in the truth, and more specifically the tallowed truth;)

Ok but what does that mean?

It means our products and messaging  are born from the tried and true recipe for happy healthy humans. 

From the ingredients we use to the values we stand for, this brand is here to stand up to the corruption, lies, and anti-human agenda pushed by big government and big-pharma, and provide you with an alternative that supports your body and your beliefs.

What is F-Balm, and what are its main benefits for the skin?

F-Balm is a natural tallow balm made from beef tallow, known for its moisturizing and nourishing properties. It helps address various skin issues by providing hydration and supporting skin health.

Is F-Balm suitable for all skin types?

Yes, F-Balm is designed for all skin types, offering compatibility with the skin's natural lipid profile. However, it's recommended to patch-test on a small area first, especially for individuals with sensitive skin.

How should I incorporate F-Balm into my skincare routine?   

Apply F-Balm to clean dry skin as needed. It can be used as a moisturizer, spot treatment, or to address specific skin issues. Adjust usage based on your skin's individual needs.

Can F-Balm be used on the face and body?   

Absolutely, F-Balm is versatile and can be used on both the face and body to address various skin concerns. Apply a small amount and massage gently into the skin.

Is it safe for babies??

Yes, F-balm is safe for babies and children, but we do recommend “patch testing” with a small amount of the balm to ensure a good results before using regularly.

Does F-Balm have a strong odor?   

F-Balm is made from natural ingredients, and while it may have a mild natural scent due to its tallow base, it is generally not overpowering. The tallow we use is triple filtered which makes takes away much of the “beefy” smell that you may have experienced with other tallow brands.


Where is your tallow sourced from?

Our tallow is sourced from independent Canadian ranchers. Our tallow is Grass - Fed AND Grass- Finished, Triple Purified (to minimize beefy order while preserving key nutrients) Non-GMO and Hormone Free.

Can F-Balm be used in conjunction with other skincare products?

Yes, F-Balm can be integrated into your existing skincare routine. Apply it after serums and before sunscreen during the day or as the final step in your evening routine.

How long does a jar of F-Balm typically last, and what is its shelf life?

The longevity of a jar of F-Balm depends on individual usage, but a little goes a long way. On average, a jar can last several months. The shelf life is at least 12 months; it can be used after this, but it is recommended to use it within that timeframe for optimal efficacy.

What type of olive oil do you use?

We use cold-pressed, organic, extra virgin olive oil sourced from Tunisia.

Do you use raw honey?

We use local raw honey that is never heated enough past the point of pasteurization, this preserves the benefits and nutrients in the profile of raw honey so that you can receive all the benefits this ingredient has to offer!



How to use F-Balm:
The uses of this stuff are almost endless, but here’s a handful of ways it can be used:

Use fingers to scoop a small amount of F-Balm from the tin and let it warm between fingers before application.

**For best results, apply to warm wet or moist skin after showering or washing**

Apply daily to the face and extremities for a powerful anti-aging and revitalizing effect.

Apply to acne-affected skin for healing and relief (rinse and gently wash face, then apply balm)

Apply as needed to dry lips or dry skin for healing and rejuvenation 

Apply to sensitive skin after shaving or washing to prevent dehydration

Apply to sore feet before bed for  soothing and softening 

Appy to any burns, irritation or chafing as needed until you feel relief (it won't take very long)

Apply to acne-affected skin for relief (and sometimes reversal -  for seven days, rinse with warm water or natural cleanser before bed and then apply f-balm)

Apply to eczema-affected skin for relief and restoration 

Apply to psoriasis-affected skin for relief and soothing (test on a small area)

Apply under the eyes to minimize wrinkles and restore colour

Apply to chaffing or rashes for a fast, soothing, and healing effect.


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