How to use F-Balm 101

I want to explain this real quick cuz I get asked a lot...

Here's F-Balm Usage  101:

The goal is to get this stuff onto your skin in the best way possible, for the best experience possible.


Ok, so number one is temperature.

The biggest factor in how well this stuff applies is the temp it's stored at - because if it's cold or even "cool," it will feel waxy and sticky, and you won't like that.

So store it in a warm - at least room temperature  - place if you can.
This will allow the balm to be soft and easily spreadable. 
Next, it will always be "smoother" if you can apply the balm to "moist" skin, such as after a shower, rinse or wash.

You don't need to do this, but applying it to slightly wet/warm skin allows the F-Balm to truly "glide" onto the desired area.

Once again, moist skin is not required, but if you are going for the optimal application experience, this will help.

I do this in the morning (sometimes at night). I rinse my face with warm water, melt a little F-Balm between my hands, and rub it in.

Boom done.
(this is also the procedure I advise for acne)
If you feel "greasy" or "filmy" then you're probably using too much.

But that's pretty much it (for feedback about F-Balm and makeup go here)

Right Temperature
Right Amount
Right Skin Moisture

You're good to go.

But that said, there is no wrong way to use this!
It is very soothing for irritated/burned/dry/distressed/pale/
chaffing skin...but it also doubles as an antiaging and eye cream... or anything else you want to use it for.

The ingredients are edible... so you can't really go wrong...
You can rub it in your hands.

You can put it in a pan,

You can rub it on your man,
And you can spread it on your naan.

You can put it on your tan.

And all the cool kids keep one in their van,
There are endless ways to use your can,

So I hope you click here  to become an F-Balm fan!
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